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Meno Musings

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Perimenopause and Protein

One of the biggest things (no pun intended) that women notice when in perimenopause is the weight gain, especially around the middle. It...

MHT & That Breast Cancer Study

The one thing that comes up when you start talking menopause is hormone replacement therapy (aka HRT) and that breast cancer study which...

Fire! I'm on Fire!

Hot flush. Hot flash. Power surge. Whatever you want to call them, the sudden onset of intense heat resulting in a flushed red face,...

Am I Going Crazy, or is this Peri?

No one told me about perimenopause. I'd never heard of the term until I was well and truly in it. Back in my mother's and grandmother's...

Welcome to Meno Musings

Welcome to Meno Musings - A blog about perimenopause and menopause.

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About Me

Welcome to Meno Musings! Here you will find my thoughts and musings on all things perimenopause and menopause. As a woman who has experienced this phase of life early (42 years of age) and is now well and truly post-menopausal at 49 years of age, I have a lot to share with other women approaching or in peri or meno. As you would have found, this is a very under-resourced phase of a woman's life, so I would like to contribute to the education and conversation so women can be better informed when it comes to peri and menopause.

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